Responding to a Choking Baby

First time moms will usually panic when a baby chokes. One should know that choking is a common cause of injury and death in young children, primarily because their small airways are easily obstructed. An average of 1 child every 5 days die of choking on food in the United States. A new policy statement [...]

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Cardiac Arrest and Heart

BREAKUP SYNDROME "Hearts can break. Yes, hearts can break. Sometimes I think it would be better if you we died when they did, but we don't." - Stephen Hawking Well apparently, there is a possibility. The emotional impact of a breakup can’t only leave you feeling broken, but can also significantly affect your physical and [...]

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CRNI Certification- a key to a Nurse’s success

A Certified Registered Nurse of Infusion (CRNI) is an exceptional nurse determined to push him- or herself to be ahead of the curve and on top of the newest developments in the infusion nursing field in order to ensure the best possible patient care. The CRNI is exposed to the newest advances and latest developments, [...]

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Why you will want to be an IV Nurse

An IV Nurse evaluates patients in need of intravenous treatment or medication and plans, implements and documents nursing care. He or she determines appropriate venipuncture site and administers intravenous therapeutic treatments and provides information to patients and families regarding intravenous treatment. An IV Nurse requires an associate's degree and is certified as a registered nurse [...]

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How Much Does A Wound Care Nurse Make?

Curious on how much a wound care nurse make? Before we reveal the figures, let us first identify what are the responsibilities of a wound care nurse. Wound care nurses treat patients who have both acute and chronic wounds, including burns, pressure ulcers and surgical incisions that have not healed. These registered nurses not only [...]

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How my Own WOC Nurses Inspired my Passion

  We asked members to share their story about why they are passionate about WOC nursing. WOCN Society member, Heather Brigstock, ADN, RN, shared her incredible journey of how the care from her WOC nurses inspired her to pursue a career in WOC nursing. On May 2, 2001, I underwent a total proctocolectomy resulting in [...]

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Are you Prepared for An Active Shooter at Your Hospital?

The Medical Response to Armed Assaults By Scott Stewart I discussed in the Dec. 3 Security Weekly how law enforcement agencies are changing their tactics to deal with armed assaults and how citizens can take steps to protect themselves in the event they encounter such a situation. But another critical component of the response to [...]

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Wound Care and Infection

Infection should be much feared than the wound itself. We may experience intolerable pain during the cut but infection can death. Yes, most of the time, pain will not. You may think you have religiously clean your wound but how sure can you get you do not have infection? Here are the 6 signs you [...]

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New Basic Life Support Algorithm for Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy

Register Now! Latest and Greatest: Overview 2015 American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Updates New Basic Life Support Algorithm for Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy Pregnancy is accompanied by a variety of cardiovascular changes in normal women and these can cause clinical decompensation in patients with structural heart disease. These changes, combined with and triggered [...]

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New Opioid-associated Life Threatening Emergency Algorithm

Register Now! Latest and Greatest: Overview 2015 American Heart Association Emergency Cardiovascular Care Updates New Opioid-associated Life Threatening Emergency Algorithm Opioids are compounds taken from the opium poppy and other synthetic analogues that has the same action to the body. In higher doses, opioids may cause respiratory depression and death, with risks increased upon [...]

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