IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal

  • Approved by American Registry of Radiology Technologist (ARRT) for 24 Category A+ CE credit For Rad Techs. 

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Course Description

IV and Blood Withdrawal Course Los Angeles offered by Creativeresol-ve Educational Company is excellent for RNs looking to refresh their IV skills and a great way for LVNs to fulfill mandatory BVNPT course requirement.

We will focus on several different areas in IV and Blood Withdrawal methods, basic and advanced reviews, and cultivating skills and knowledge of Central lines, PICC lines, and IV pumps.

IV Therapy course will include review of human body and functions, importance of electrolytes and fluids, IV solution concentrations, IV preparation, vein selection [location, location, location] and live practice*.

* Last day of this course will involve guided venipuncture on fellow students.
*** Please bring in a proxy if you are unable to volunteer for IV hands-on.

Hours required by IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Licensure

LVNs are required to complete 36 hours and stay for the full 3 days

RNs are required to attend up to 20 hours and may leave after formal lecture ends.
RNs may also opt to take study materials home and forego 1st day of class but are required to attend 2nd and 3rd day of class.

Allied Health participants – please discuss your needed hours with our class coordinator @ 213 300 5045.

IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course Description

Why be IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal certified?

First of all, certification ensures professional development in the field. It ensures patient safety. BVNPT as certifying board in the field ensures that those who performs Intravenous practice are capable and has the required knowledge in the field.

In the completion of Iv Therapy and Blood Withdrawal course, YOU will be able to:

  • List the areas of anatomy primarily used in the initiation of Intravenous Therapy (IV).
  • List the Physiological reasons for IV.
  • Name the different pieces used and the reasons for their use.
  • Name the different types of IV solutions used and the reasons for their use.
  • List the use of Hyperalimentation and Lipid use, and what patients would require them.
  • Know the major electrolytes, their functions, and symptoms of excess or deficit.
  • Accurately calculate IV drip rates for manual flow control.
  • List the different sites available, means of protecting the sites and proper patient preparation for IV Therapy.
  • List of the steps of the IV insertion procedure, with emphasis on the safety issues.
  • Give reasons why a patient should need a Central catheter and the nurses role in the insertion of the line.
  • Give reasons why a patient should require blood transfusions and the nurses role in the insertion of the line.
  • List the complication and the trouble shooting measures of IV Therapy.
  • Successfully fulfill the requirements of State of California LVN Board in the practical application of IV insertion.