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On a daily basis, we use technology to help make our lives easier. Although most of the focus is on improvements in electronics such as phones and tablets, there are other innovations that can have a greater impact, from small emergencies to major life-threatening events. But what kind of products/gadgets come in handy when you find yourself in a thorny situation?

Here are the 10 Best Life-Saving Products that can add to your important day.

1. Archer MedTech CPR Keychain

Be prepared to lend a hand at a minute’s notice. Compact enough to fit inside your pocket or purse, the Archer MedTech CPR Keychain delivers everything you need to execute CPR.

Carry out CPR and save a life without putting yourself at risk of infection. CPR masks are necessary to perform CPR or rescue breathing. The CPR keychain comes individually packaged with one CPR mask and a robust nylon keychain pouch. The mask has a one-way ventilation valve with filter which helps prevent disease transmission by preventing direct contact with the patient’s mouth. The semi-transparent face shield allows you to monitor the patients color and response through the mask. Most importantly, it is encased in an easy to carry keychain that you can keep with you at all times, so you can safely give help anytime and anywhere!

2. Be Smart Get Prepared 100-Piece First Aid Kit

Made by the leading manufacturer of first aid kits in America. The Be Smart Get Prepared 100 Pieces First Aid Kit meets the U.S. FDA Regulatory Standards as a medical device. It’s ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use at home or travel, and its fully organized interior compartments provides quick access. Moreover, its high density plastic case is impact resistant and compact for effortless storage and portability.

3. SABRE RED Pepper Spray Keychain

Intuitive, Easy to Use Design for Maximum Protection.

Keep safe with the SABRE RED Pepper Spray, the strongest available single ingredient pepper spray. It boasts the same protection as law enforcement. SABRE RED is the most popular formulation carried by police worldwide and contains UV Marking Dye to help police in suspect identification. Its most popular SABRE style, this Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release, is a small, but powerful 0.54 oz container which deploys a ballistic stream to reduce wind blow back. The intuitive grip design allows for better aim and proper hand alignment with touch alone, allowing for faster deployment and helping you to keep your eyes on the threat. The Pepper Spray Keychain with Quick Release provides maximum security in a powerful stream to reduce wind blowback and protect from a distance with a range of ten feet. Feel secure with twenty-five bursts for protection against multiple threats, five times more than other brands! Lastly, it allows immediate access to your pepper spray and easy attachment to keychain for optimum portability.

Can pepper sprays save you from a dog attack?

10 Best Life-Saving Products (1)

Besides protecting you and any human friends, children, or family members with you, SABRE Protector Dog Spray can guard any dog or dogs with you. As any dog owner knows, some pets can become extremely aggressive when they meet other dogs. Preventing an attack can avoid serious injury not only to you and your dog but also to the attacking dog.

Dogs have extremely sensitive noses, eyes, and ears, so the amount of pepper required to halt their aggression is not as high as the strength formulated for humans. Spraying an aggressive dog will irritate the nose, eyes, and skin, temporarily incapacitating it without causing long-term damage if used correctly. SABRE Protector Dog Spray is specially formulated with 1.0% Major Capsaicinoids, the humane amount allowed by the EPA, so it will not kill dogs.

4. Swiss Safe Israeli Sterile Compression Bandage

The Swiss Safe Israeli Sterile Compression Bandage makes the perfect addition to your Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak with QuikClot.

Its all-in-one design includes pressure applicator, non-adherent pad, elastic dressing, and closure bar to provide the ultimate hemorrhage control and tourniquet action in emergency wound situations.

5. Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak with QuikClot

Respond quickly to control bleeding until professional help arrives. The Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak accomodates the essentials you need to treat trauma in a quick-to-deploy format.  The QuikClot gauze contains kaolin, a mineral that accelerates your body’s natural clotting process and acts on contact to stop bleeding five times faster.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool

The Victorinox Swiss Army Multi-Tool gets you prepared for any situation. From housework to camping adventures! It features thirty-three tools. Bearing a stainless steel construction and Swiss-Made precision, it is the essential handy helper for anyone. The steel is tempered, annealed and polished to achieve the necessary hardness and provide maximum resistance to corrosion.

7. LifeVac Choking Rescue Device Home Kit

Choking is the leading cause of death in children and leading cause of accidental deaths in persons more than 65-years-old. One child dies every five days from a choking incident, five thousand deaths yearly in the US alone and leads to one hundred thousand visits to the ER yearly. Over a hundred million Americans have no defense against aspiration emergencies due to pregnancy, disability, obesity, or the mere fact of being alone. More people die from aspirating than die in fires, drowning or accidental shootings.

That said, don’t become a statistic! The LifeVac Choking Rescue Device Home Kit offers minimal suction duration, thus so making it safe and effective. And best of all, it doesn’t require a prescription.

8. First My Family All-in-One Survival Kit

The First My Family All-in-One Survival Kit includes food and water rations for four individual, an eighty-five-piece first-aid kit, and a great deal of materials to help provide shelter and warmth. It contains what you need to keep your family safe until help arrives.

The emergency backpack is waterproof and compact, making it easy to transport and store. It accommodates a large variety of emergency items that surpasses the Red Cross guidelines for preparedness so you can rest assured that you have everything you need in case of an emergency. Moreover, it also comes in handy for camping, hiking, and road trips among other outdoor activities.

Garmin GPS

GPS units can be a lifesaver when trying to navigate your way in the wilderness. Knowing where you are and where you’re trying to go is pretty crucial outdoors, whether you’re out for a Sunday stroll along some local footpaths, or taking on a hill walking challenge in the winter. An outdoor or hiking GPS unit will tell you both of those things quick-smart, saving your blushes, and preventing a minor navigational slip from snowballing into potentially dangerous territory.

A handheld GPS device is very useful for hiking, trekking and mountaineering because it allows you to easily find your way even if the visibility is poor or the landscape has little or no distinct features. Handheld GPS devices have several advantages in comparison to Smartphones which are often used for navigation by recreational hikers. GPS devices are more durable and have a much longer battery life. Furthermore, they are typically equipped with batteries that can be replaced with disposable batteries (usually AA batteries) if recharging is not possible – for example in remote and sparsely inhabited areas.

Garmin, an American multinational technology company, currently offers some of the best GPS devices in the market. They’re so good, we had to recommend two GPS devices from their lineup!

9. Garmin eTrex 32x

The Garmin eTrex 32x is the lightest and smallest device on this list. This makes it perfect for hiking, mountaineering, trekking and other outdoor activities in which you can easily store it in your backpack’s hip belt pocket. It also fits perfectly in your hand. Furthermore, it is very compact and provides great water- and shock-resistance. The display is small but provides sufficient readability.

10. Garmin GPSMAP 65s

When only the best will do, it’s best to turn to the Garmin GPSMAP 65s. With an additional altimeter and three-axis compass over the standard model, the 65s pairs old-school button operation with new-school pan-global mapping abilities. These are very good things because buttons refuse to go wrong very easily, and will still work in rain or when wearing gloves. Lastly, the new satellite tools (multi-band technology and expanded GNSS support) make location speed exponentially faster, and provides a considerable amount of improvement on tracking accuracy.





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