AHA Videos to Watch Before 2020 Ends

Bringing Science to Life: Introducing the New AHA Digital Resuscitation Portfolio https://youtu.be/Y43KdzK0IJI 2020 CPR Guidelines Science & Education Updates https://youtu.be/lO4rdC-fKsI Fresh findings on women’s heart health https://youtu.be/_3oKZT2lOw4 Healthy for Life Webinar – Implementation in Food Banks and Pantries https://youtu.be/J8gJFwAqC2s About the Empowered to Serve Business Accelerator https://youtu.be/HNToGk9JGS8 Candi Castleberry, VP, [...]

Pathophysiology of Heart Failure

Heart failure is considered an epidemic disease in the modern world affecting approximately 1% to 2% of adult population. It presents a multifactorial, systemic disease, in which--after cardiac injury--structural, neurohumoral, cellular, and molecular mechanisms are activated and act as a network to maintain physiological functioning. These coordinated, complex processes lead to excessive volume overload, increased [...]

Improving CPR Quality

Improving CPR quality with distributed practice and real-time feedback in pediatric healthcare providers - A randomized controlled trial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohydtbrZmQc Abstract Objectives: Guideline compliant CPR is associated with improved survival for patients with cardiac arrest. Conventional Basic Life Support (BLS) training results in suboptimal CPR competency and skill retention. We aimed to compare the effectiveness of [...]

Mechanical CPR : Who? When? How?

Mechanical CPR :  Who? When? How? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qc9_aQ_G1k Abstract In cardiac arrest, high quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a key determinant of patient survival. However, delivery of effective chest compressions is often inconsistent, subject to fatigue and practically challenging. Mechanical CPR devices provide an automated way to deliver high-quality CPR. Although, large randomized controlled trials [...]

Acute focal neurological deficits in the emergency room

Focal Neurological Deficits I Medicine I For NEET-PG 2021 AIIMS I By Dr. Shadab Moosa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ocFovRYtdE Acute focal neurological deficits in the emergency room A focal neurological deficit with sudden onset or rapid progression is an alarming symptom indicating a neurological disorder with often urgent need for treatment. Particularly in the emergency room, where [...]

An emergency care development for consideration worldwide

An emergency care development for consideration worldwide The aim of this 2018 research study was to determine why nurse-based Injury Units were developed in Ireland and how they function in the Irish healthcare system, including what they contribute in relation to addressing the healthcare needs of Irish citizens. A document review was completed and interviews [...]

Understanding changes in cardiovascular pathophysiology

Cardiovascular pathophysiological changes, such as hypertension and enlarged ventricles, reflect the altered functions of the heart and its circulation during ill-health. This article examines the normal and altered anatomy of the cardiac valves, the contractile elements and enzymes of the myocardium, the significance of the different factors associated with cardiac output, and the role of [...]

Emergency Response in the Ambulatory Surgery Center

As more surgeries are moving out of the hospital setting, effective emergency response in freestanding ambulatory surgery centers requires organized preparedness. Rapid, consistent emergency response can be challenged by their rarity of occurrence, fast-paced environment, and relative lack of resources. Anesthesiologists who practice in these settings must be aware of the differences between the management [...]

Advanced Heart Failure: Quality of Life

advanced heart failure The patient perspective: Quality of life in advanced heart failure with frequent hospitalisations End of life is an unfortunate but inevitable phase of the heart failure patients' journey. It is often preceded by a stage in the progression of heart failure defined as advanced heart failure, and characterised by poor quality of [...]


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