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Happy Nurses’ Week from Educate Simplify

Educate Simplify deeply appreciates all of the health care heroes today and every day! To show our appreciation, we will be giving GIFT BAGS for all NURSES from Educate Simplify! ... and even if you're not a Nurse, we still think you need one - Thank you for taking our ACLS, PALS and IV Therapy classes! [...]

Educate Simplify celebrates Mother’s Day 2022

Mother's Day Giveaway! Educate Simplify celebrates all the hardworking moms! To make you feel extra special on Mother's day, GIFT BAGS will be given to all awesome Mothers from Educate Simplify! Oooops! don't worry if you're not a mom, we will give you one too - our way of saying thank you for taking our ACLS, PALS [...]

Blogs for You: 10 Best Sleep Products for the Exhausted Nurse

  Affiliate Disclosure We hope that the products we speak well of brings you joy! Just so you’re aware, we may collect a share of sales or other forms of compensation from the links that can be found on this page. It goes without saying that we are especially grateful for your choice of using [...]

No more annual flu shot? New target for universal influenza vaccine

Credit: © Sherry Young / stock.adobe.com Scientists at Scripps Research, University of Chicago and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai have identified a new Achilles' heel of influenza virus, making progress in the quest for a universal flu vaccine. Antibodies against a long-ignored section of the virus, which the team dubbed the anchor, have [...]

Get With The Guidelines-CAD Updates to Data Collection and Measures for Diabetes Care

Get With The Guidelines-CAD Updates to Data Collection and Measures for Diabetes Care Learn about upcoming changes to Get With The Guidelines®(GWTG)-CAD to enhance data collection and monitoring of care for patients with diabetes. American Heart Association staff will provide a demonstration of the new diabetes data elements and reports in GWTG-CAD. Get With The [...]

Our Code of Ethics for Nurses video is finally here!!!

  https://youtu.be/VdRKVcLn6T8   Did you know that nursing has been seen as the most honest and ethical profession for nearly two decades? Yes, TWO DECADES! According to a Gallup Poll made just in the last year, nurses scored a very high 89%. Nurses are held to what we call the Code of Ethics for [...]



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