It’s the 1st CEU Platform to give Nurses & Healthcare Pros Rewards.

We simply think you are amazing in the job that you do . . .

And perhaps be a “Backer” to our Kickstarter campaign.

Free CEs for your time + a sleep mask that’s never too tight on your face!


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Instructions for Testers

Click here to open the free online course.

Click here to open the free online course.

  • Register to create a student account.

  • Take the free online course. (NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED)

  • Study the course content and materials, and then take the quiz.

  • Answer the survey at the end of the course by clicking the “Rate Course” button.

IMPORTANT: Only those who have completed the survey will be given rewards.

  • Additionally, you can give your detailed insights by sending a message to Admin thru the Educate Simplify Platform’s chat/messaging feature. (Please send screenshots if possible.)

Did the free course spark your inner desire to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate? Follow this link to begin your volunteering journey.

We have the following rewards for you:

  • A Certificate for completing the free course

  • 2 Continuing Education Units (for Healthcare Professionals)

  • A Natural Silk Sleep Mask That’s Never Too Tight On Your Face

Note: Rewards for testers will be given separately.

Allwaii Natural Silk Eye Mask

A sleep mask that isn’t the most comfortable thing you can put on your face simply isn’t a sleep mask you need in your life. And this one — designed with smooth silk— glides over the contours of your face with ease, and it won’t pinch your nose or give you a headache. It’s amazing at blocking out all light, and has a single sliding adjustable band to provide the perfect fit.