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Do you need CPR and First Aid Training or CPR AED Training Certification? Do you need IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course and Certification? Do you need ACLS  Classes, BLS Renewal or Initial Certification? As well as PALS or NRP initial or renewal certification? Our American Heart Association training classes are offered weekly and our BVNPT approved IV Certification classes are conducted twice per month. Feel Free to call or register online. We do group trainings at your site and at your convenience! All of our classes are held in the Wilshire Blvd Corridor in the heart of Los Angeles.

Complete 30 Hours CEU for RN License Renew

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Surviving Active Shooter in Healthcare | Workplace violence involving Guns vs No Guns

All the BEST Tips To Get Difficult Veins

What is the Code of Ethics for Nurses?

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How can I get free CEUs? Where to find free CEUs for RN? How many hours is 4 CEUs? Which is an example of continuing education for nurses?  How do I check my CEU credits?  What is the difference between CEU and CNE?  How long is a RN license good for in California? How many CE Do I need to renew my CA RN license? Should nurses be required to have continuing education? How many CEUs do RN need in California? What qualifies as a CEU? 

How many CEUS do I need to renew my RN in California? Whatt state pays the most for RN? How do I reactivate my RN license in California? How much does it cost to become an RN in California? Is California Board of Nursing approved by ANCC? How many CEUS are needed for ACLS in California? Is there free CEU for RN in California? How long does it take to renew RN license in California? 

Why is continuing education important in nursing? How long does it take to do RN CEUS? Where can I find continuing education for RN license renewal? How many hours does 1 CEU equal? Where can I find BVNPT approved CEU online? How much does it cost to renew RN license in CA? Are there California RN CEU online courses near me? How many CEUs can you do in a day? Where can I take California RN CEU online courses near me? How many units do you need to renew RN in California? How many CEUS do nurses need in California? Where can I take an RN license renewal in California? How many hours is 0.1 CEUs?

How to renew RN license in California online? Where can get continuing education for RN license renewal in California? How do I become a CE provider in California? How can I get my RN nursing CEU fast online? How do I keep my nursing license active when not working in California? How to do CA RN license verification? How many hours of CA law are required for continuing education each year?