Welcome ECG Class Participants !

We work hard to make your classes enjoyable and informative.

As a health provider, you are required to understand & execute specialized skills.


The American Heart Association is a national voluntary health agency to help

reduce disability and death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.


The American Stroke Association is solely focused on reducing disability and

death from stroke.


These partners in education require every healthcare provider to be proficient in:

1.  Reading and Interpreting ECGs

2.  Studying & Completing the Pre-test

3.  Come in for Skills Testing


This is not as intimidating as it sounds.


On the sidebar you will find:

1. LINKS for all your study materials

2. Study them in Order

3. Play the spectacular interactive ECG Game

4. Take the ECG Exam


5. to schedule your 1 – 2 hour skills testing



 Have a happy studying time and don’t stress too much!

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