Can You Obtain an IV Therapy Certification Online?

Before we answer that question, first things first . . .IV Therapy Certification Online


What is IV therapy certification, really?

The safety and comfort of the patients are among the most important elements in health care. For the healthcare professional, the quality of care that one can provide is only as strong as the quality of knowledge.

The need for knowledge of such quality has changed at full speed IV therapy has become more and more common in inpatient and ambulatory settings. With the change of equipment and supplies, patients are continuously receiving IV therapy in more non-traditional settings. Having said that, IV therapy certification is aimed at nurses and healthcare professionals to provide an update on the required and necessary skills to safely administer IV therapy.

Professionals who administer IV therapy must regularly keep current as IV Therapy methodology continues to evolve. IV therapy certification provides its students with instructions on how to perform IV therapy. It focuses on human anatomy and physiology, asepsis, the equipment, and supplies that are necessary to administer, review of drug calculations, pharmacology as it relates to IV therapy, and lastly, the practice of initiating and running an IV.

Who can take an IV therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course?

The IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course by Educate Simplify are applicable for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs), Respiratory Therapists (RTs), Radiologic Technologists (Rad Techs), and experienced allied health professionals such as caregivers who are looking to enhance or refresh their required and necessary IV therapy skills. It is also a great way for LVNs to fulfill the mandatory course requirement by the Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians (BVNPT).

It should also be noted that various laws prohibit the general public from administering IV therapy. This then goes without saying that IV therapy certification is not for the general public. However, those who are from non-healthcare professions may also obtain IV therapy certification given that their scope of practice includes initiating/inserting, maintaining, and discontinuing IVs, or given that their license or certification describes precisely that IV therapy is within their scope of practice.

How long does it take to complete an IV therapy certification course?

The length of an IV therapy certification course depends on the students’ license. Generally speaking, LVNs are required to complete the thirty-six (36) hours of training and attend the face-to-face sessions for the full three (3) days. Meanwhile, RNs are required to attend up to 20 hours and may leave after formal the lecture ends.

RNs may also opt to take study materials home or take the theory part of the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course online and forego the first day of class. They are, however, required to attend the second and third days of the face-to-face sessions.

How much does an IV therapy certification cost?

IV therapy certification usually costs around three hundred dollars ($300). The IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course by Educate Simplify are reasonably priced at two hundred eighty-five dollars ($285) and can be paid either in full or a down payment of seventy-five dollars ($75) to reserve a seat in the face-to-face sessions.

And finally . . .

Can you take obtain an IV therapy certification online?

IV therapy certification requires hands-on skills that can only be learned during face-to-face sessions. So, to bluntly answer the question of whether you can obtain an IV therapy certification online or not . . . the answer is no. By that, I mean at least not entirely. For example, the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course by Educate Simplify offers a blended learning option for registered nurses (RNs).

As we have already mentioned in answering the question of who can obtain an IV therapy certification and how long it will take for one to complete it, RNs may choose to take study materials home or take the theory part of the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course online which is covered during the first day of the three-day training. But they are then required to attend the face-to-face sessions on the second and third days. LVNs, on the other hand, are required by their regulatory board to attend all three face-to-face sessions.

What will you learn in an Intravenous therapy certification course?

The IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course by Educate Simplify focus on several different areas in IV and Blood Withdrawal. It covers the basic and advanced reviews of methods in IV therapy, cultivating skills and knowledge of Central lines, PICC lines, and IV pumps. Moreover, it includes the review of the human body and functions, the importance of electrolytes and fluids, IV solution concentrations, IV preparation, vein selection, and live practice.

It is designed to ensure the professional development of healthcare professionals in the field. As these healthcare professionals are required to have quality knowledge in performing IV therapy, it also ensures the safety of their patients.

After completing the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course, the students will be able to do the following:

  • Enumerate the areas of anatomy primarily used in the initiation of intravenous therapy.
  • Enumerate the physiological reasons for IV therapy.
  • Identify the different pieces used and the reasons for their use.
  • Identify the different types of IV solutions used and the reasons for their use.
  • Enumerate the use of hyperalimentation and lipid use, and what patients would require them.
  • Identify the major electrolytes, their functions, and symptoms of excess or deficit.
  • Accurately calculate IV drip rates for manual flow control.
  • Enumerate the different sites available, means of protecting the sites, and proper patient preparation for IV Therapy.
  • Enumerate the steps of the IV insertion procedure, with emphasis on the safety issues.
  • Give reasons why a patient should need a central catheter and the role of nurses in the insertion of the line.
  • Give reasons why a patient should require blood transfusions and the role of the nurses in the insertion of the line.
  • Enumerate the complication and the troubleshooting measures of IV Therapy.
  • Successfully fulfilled the requirements of the State of California LVN Board in the practical application of IV insertion.

Where and when can you take an IV therapy certification training?

Our training center is physically located at 3580 Wilshire Blvd, 17th floor, Ste 1705 C, Los Angeles, California 90010. You may reach me using this phone number (213) 784-0035 or through this email address

Educate Simplify holds the IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal Course two to three times a month with the first face-to-face session held on Friday and the third/final one on Sunday of that week.

You may visit this page to find a class that suits your schedule: