MAB Management of Assaultive Behavior AB 508
Workplace Violence Prevention Certification Program

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Course Introductionmab ab 508

Class Length:

5 Hours Blended = 4 Hours Online + 1 Hour Face-to-Face Skills

Satisfies all healthcare CEU requirements for the AB 508 mandate. This course was designed in compliance with OSHA, SB 1299 and AB 508. Completing this course will grant the student up to four (4) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the California Board of Registered Nursing (CE Provider Number 17260).

The Four Categories of Workplace Violence

  • Type I: Violent acts by people who have no connection with the workplace, other than to commit a crime.

  • Type II: Violence directed at employees by customers, clients, patients, inmates, or others for whom an organization provides services to.

  • Type III: Violence against coworkers, supervisors or managers by a present or former employee.

  • Type IV: Violence committed by someone from outside who has a personal relationship with an employee.

Criteria Needed for Seclusion, Restraints and Physical Intervention

  • Imminent Danger to Self

  • Imminent Danger to Others

The Triad of Successful Interventions

  • Effective Communication

  • Coordinated Teamwork

  • Having a Plan of Action in Place

The Three Dynamics of Beginning a Successful Negotiation

  • Try to understand as much about the Individual or Situation you are faced with.

  • Try to understand Your Reaction to the Individual or Situation you are faced with.

  • Try to understand how to attempt to Solve the Issue you are faced with.

Keys to Compliance

  • Compassionate Teamwork

  • Defensive Intervention

Perceived Threat, Reasons for Violence in the Healthcare Setting, Why Do People Get To The Point Where They Lose Control, Trigger Words, Controlling Behavior vs. Deescalation, Behavioral Patterns, Redirection and Distraction, Types of Communication, Elements of Active Listening, Overcoming Barriers, AND MORE! Enroll to our Management of Assaultive Behavior Workplace Violence Prevention Certification Program and be AB 508 certified. Ensure your patients’ safety as well as your own.

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Surviving an Active Shooter in Healthcare


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An active killer or active shooter is the perpetrator of a type of mass murder marked by rapidity, scale, randomness, and often suicide.

Of all the doors choosing to close, one remains that should not at all and is not able to shut down – Hospitals. With numerous active shooting incidents that leave terrifying and traumatic experiences among citizens all over the country, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are left with little to no choice but to keep the doors open for their patients needing immediate attention. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers live in fear every passing day, thinking that eventually, another active killing or active shooting may arise from nowhere. To reinforce such fears and be able to still provide quality service for sick people, equip yourself with these defensive techniques on how you should react when an active shooting suddenly occurs.

According to the Nursing Service Organization (NSO), between 2000 and 2011, 154 hospital-related shootings occurred. In 45% of cases, the shooters…(Read More)

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Course Objectives

  • To get AB 508 certified so you can get back to work and to get out early.

  • Safety for You, for the individual who is escalated along with anyone else in the area who may be in jeopardy.

  • Working together as a team, even ahead of time, to ensure the best possible  outcome when dealing with potential violence.

  • Recognizing potential problems ahead of time so that you can initiate the most therapeutic effective interventions.

  • Understanding why individuals become aggressive and what roles we the staff  play in either de-escalating or provoking the behavior.

  • To learn how to DE-ESCALATE an upset or escalating individual or situation  before it becomes violent.

  • To know when to remove yourself from the situation or area so the appropriate  people can intervene.

  • Learn ways to protect yourself when an individual becomes aggressive as well as the legalities and liabilities of defending yourself.

Course Fee: $65

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A bill to improve the safety of healthcare workers is passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

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The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve The Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Services Act of 2019. The bill, which passed by a 251-158 vote, ensures that healthcare and social service employers, including hospitals, take specific steps to prevent workplace violence and ensure the safety of patients and workers.

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Self-Defense Technique: Hair Grab

Self-Defense Technique: One-Handed Grab

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