Our Instructors have extensive knowledge & ability to support:

development new fire plan or assist with required annual review of existing plan + supporting internal policies

assist with on-site Joint Commission (TJC) or CA Dept of Public Health (CDPH) on site readiness inspections including documentation review

conduct quarterly on site fire drills (requirement – 1 drill per shift per quarter)

Meet… Hospital Fire Safety Instructors


When Brian is not glued to a computer screen or focusing his attention on the needs of his hospital or HFSI, he loves to spend his time in nature with his beautiful fiance’ Mika as well as always trying to develop his limited Spanish speaking capabilities.

He had been working in a mechanical background since the early 1980’s but began his focus into hospital engineering in 1990.
While employed with Los Angles County Department of Health Services, he advanced to the position of Chief Engineer by concentrating his energies on detailed understanding of high rise utility infrastructure including fire monitoring & suppression systems.
In 2012, he joined forces with several other associates who also shared detailed knowledge about hospital fire life safety requirements as well as emergency response activities, and founded Healthcare Fire Safety Instructors (aka: HFSI).
Shortly afterwards, HFSI developed their relationship with an LA area leader in nursing continued education programs known as Educate Simplify.
He currently resides in NorCal and continues to work as a Chief Engineer at a local hospital but he often returns to SoCal to enjoy visits with family and friends + teach an HFSI class or 2.


Heather Skopik has worked in a variety of aspects with the Fire Department since 1996. She began her career in the high rise portion of L.A. and was immersed in the Fire Departments Regulation 4 process.  When she moved into the hospital environment in the early 2000’s she joined Brian Pettit in Emergency Preparedness Training and teaching the L.A.F.D. hospital fire safety courses.  As an employee of Los Angeles County Department of Health Services she has been teaching the fire classes for almost 20 years. Health Fire Safety Instructors (HFSI) grew out of this early instruction program to meet the needs of more than just the County Employees. Since 2014 Heather is proud to say she is a part of a team that provides safe instruction and educate on all aspects of fire response in both major hospitals and smaller institutions. In her spare time she rides patrol on horseback as part of the County’s Mounted Assistance Program, training with the L.A. County Sheriffs and riding for Parks and Recreation.  She is involved in fire response/rescue for animals and livestock during California’s fire season and participates in search and rescue operations.

Our Hospital Fire Safety Class