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First, what’s a heart murmur? To put it simply, heart murmur refers to the sounds you hear when you use a stethoscope to listen to your heartbeat, or more accurately, the sounds your doctor hears when he does such.

What’s an “innocent” heart murmur?

Fact #1: They are the sounds produced by blood circulating, normally, through the chambers of the heart and its valves, or through the blood vessels close to the heart.

Fact #2: They are common in children. A high percentage of children are presumed to have had an innocent heart murmur at some point in their lives.

Fact #3: They are harmless. Excitement and fear may cause innocent heart murmur to get louder or softer but this doesn’t signify any reasons to be concerned for.

Fact #4: Innocent murmurs are also called functional or physiologic murmurs.

Fact #5: Innocent murmurs could disappear and reappear.

Fact #6: Most cases of innocent heart murmurs vanish when the child subject reaches adulthood. Although some cases of innocent murmurs could still persevere in adulthood. aha pals 2019

Fact #7: Innocent heart murmurs do not require medication.

A child with innocent heart murmurs does not call for restriction of diet nor pampering and may become active and live as any other normal and healthy child.

To have some sense of peace, however, further testing can be done such as ECG in order to assure that the child’s heart murmur is innocent and to be able to rule out implications such as heart valve problems, as found with types of heart murmurs.

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