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AHA Updates 2019: Facts About Pericarditis

What is pericarditis? It refers to inflammation of the pericardium. Pericardium refers to the two thin layers of a sac-like tissue that surround the heart. Their purpose is to hold the heart in place in place and help it work.

Between these two layers, a small amount of fluid keeps them separate so that there will be no friction between the two layers.

Chest pain is the most common symptom of pericarditis which may feel like a heart attack.

Pericarditis could be acute. This means pericarditis could happen suddenly but could not last long as well . Pericarditis can also be chronic.  This means it could develop over time and may need a longer treatment period.

Either type of pericarditis can disrupt the heart’s function as well as its rhythm. It could also have serious consequences that may even lead to death. aha updates 2019

It may take several days,weeks or even months for the patient to recover from pericarditis. All in all, the goals of treatment may include reduction of the pain and inflammation, treatment of  the underlying cause of the condition, i.e. if the cause known, and lastly, to check for complications that could possibly emerge from the condition.










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