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Heartsaver CPR | It’s High Time for Employees to Become #CPRCertified, Here’s Why

CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is performed as an attempt to preserve the victim’s brain function until medical aid becomes available to take further steps. It is an essential skill and although it is relatively less frequently discussed in workplace contexts, CPR skills can be beneficial on emergency situations. heartsaver cpr

Reason # 1: Every employer is responsible for their employees’ safety, and excuses such as saying that not every workplace is adverse should be off the table.

Reason #2: Several employers are already requiring their employees to be CPR certified and it won’t be long before others follow their lead.

Reason #3: CPR skills empowers employees as it gives them the capability to help their coworkers who are in need of emergency assistance.

Reason #4: CPR saves lives, precious lives. Having the necessary skills and proper knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation can save lives in unexpected circumstances.

Reason #5: CPR is easy to learn. Anyone can actually learn CPR, and everyone should.

Reason #6: Learning CPR makes you one step ahead, of danger. Of losing a coworker. Or a even a friend or a loved one.

Reason #7: CPR training is a fantastic team building activity, it provides employees the opportunity to become more connected with each other.

Reason #8: CPR skills doesn’t only come in handy at work. It can also become beneficial in your household, and could help save a loved on. As a matter of fact, being equipped with CPR skills can come in handy at any place and in any setting.




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