IV Therapy Certification: Drips, Pros and Cons

For over a decade, Educate Simplify has been offering IV therapy certification classes for health professionals. Intravenous therapy or IV therapy is a therapy that transports liquid substances straight into a vein. Thus, intra- + ven- + -ous.

The route of administration for IV therapy could be used for injections, meaning with a syringe at higher pressures, or infusions (which in most cases only uses the pressure supplied by the gravity. Intravenous infusions are frequently referred to as “drips”.

The intravenous route of administration if the fastest method to transport medications and fluid replacement across the body. How? It’s because it is the circulatory system itself that carries these medications and fluid replacement.

Intravenous therapy or simply IV therapy may be administered for the following uses:

  1. For fluid replacement, an example of such is to correct dehydration
  2. To correct electrolyte imbalances
  3. To deliver or to transport medications, and lastly
  4. For blood transfusions.

We have talked about the medical uses of IV Therapy in the past, as well as some tips to effectively administer them. We have a more detailed explanation of the Intravenous therapy administration and you’ll learn them by taking our IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal course. You can also use the discount code given at the banner below this paragraph. But in this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of IV therapy in general. We might still cover some of the medical uses and benefits of IV therapy but we will also tackle some uses such as IV therapy for general wellness which had become some sort of a trend in recent memory. IV therapy has even been used to treat hangovers and flu as well as for boosting one’s energy and immunity, and beauty(?).

iv therapy certification

iv therapy certification

So here we go. As we had mentioned at the beginning of this article, the intravenous route of administration if the fastest method to transport medications and fluid replacement across the body. It is directly delivered to your circulatory system. Thus, bypassing the digestive system/process.

IV therapy is no old new news in the medical arena, having been used by hospitals for decades to treat all kinds of medical conditions.

Vitamin Absorption

IV Therapy guarantees that vitamins are thoroughly and immediately absorbed into the patient’s bloodstream, permitting the body to make use of them straight away. Also, some other medications and medical issues could interfere with your body’s capability to properly absorb the nutrients in order to function properly.

Re-hydration and Regaining One’s Energy

Intravenous therapy is the most efficient method to provide your body with the most favorable process of absorbing water (hydration) in order to carry out all vital organ functions. It can help avert serious medical issues such as kidney stones, constipation, and damage to your muscles.

IV therapy can also help those who suffer from chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression, as well as the common cold or respiratory ailments. In general, IV therapy helps boost the immune system and helps people feel refreshed and energized.

iv therapy certification

iv therapy certification

Shorter Treatment Duration and Instant Results

Majority of IV vitamin therapies can be performed in less than an hour. So you wouldn’t need to spend a lot of time waiting for your treatment to be finished.

It can take up to two days in order for your body, most specifically, your digestive system to completely digest the foods you consume. With IV therapy, you can start to feel the positive effects on your body almost instantaneously. Within several hours, the full effects of the IV nutrients can be felt by your body. You will have more energy, be able to think more clearly, and enjoy an overall improved mood.

Tailored Treatments

IV therapy can be modified based on your nutritional needs and deficiencies as well as your treatment goals.

iv therapy certification

iv therapy certification

Other Benefits of IV Therapy

Lessened reliance on pills. By utilizing IV therapy, your dependence on costly nutritional supplements which you may be taking several times every day will be decreased.

Preventive healthcare. Curative doses of vitamin C have been long known for their effectiveness in building immunity. Vitamin C have also been shown to be toxic to cancer cells.

For athletes. You can recharge displaced vitamins and minerals to improve your recovery time after workouts.

Fighting the upshots of environmental toxins. IV therapy provides your body with antioxidants that it needs to fight premature signs of aging and helps your body to effectively purge harmful toxins out of your system.

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The Cons

IVs can be detrimental. While all of the nutrients contained in a drip are healthy, they can become dangerous if given at a higher dosage than what is necessary.

IVs are not a long-term solution. If your lifestyle and eating habits are unfavorable, IV Therapy is not a long term solution. If you fix the systemic function issues within your body, you will increase your chances of absorbing nutrients from whole and healthy foods. Thus, it can make an IV drip simply unnecessary.

IVs are not all created equal. To safeguard your health and avoid any suspicious additives, make sure that your IV comes from a reputable distributor. Watch out for the potency of ingredients, and be sure that the contents of the drip are made in an FDA-approved facility.

IVs can cause immediate reactions. Inflammation, bruising, and infection are all immediate risks involved with IVs of all kinds. If you are sensitive as a rule, or you get a drip from a non-reputable facility, you are putting yourself for a higher risk for these certain reactions.

IVs may not actually help at all. The noticeable improvement in health many feel after an IV drip may not be due to the IV at all. To simply say it, you’ll feel better because you believed so that you would. This is commonly referred to as the placebo effect.


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