The voice of nurses as a means to promote job engagement.

The objective of this study was to establish the factors that induce nursing professionals to present engagement with their work environment.

Qualitative study, using the communicative methodology, with nursing professionals from public and private centers. The statements were collected through communicative stories and discussion groups.

The methodology used has allowed the establishment of a set of engagement promotion measures in the studied environment. These measures are framed in the three main categories analyzed: the systemic or structural variables, the subject-oriented variables, and those that refer to the relationships between the subjects. nurses job engagement

Knowledge of the situation regarding engagement among professionals, and the issues that encourage or hinder its appearance, is essential in establishing measures that contribute to its development. The use of qualitative techniques has allowed for the discovery of situations that would have gone unnoticed. After analyzing the interviews and the discussion groups, the following were present: an important lack of recognition that the participants experience, and that contribute, in their opinion, to the appearance of burnout syndrome, and, the lack of cohesion as a collective.

Better nurse engagement means better patient care. Engaged employees are more productive, have improved health and well-being and lower levels of absence. Engagement has been linked to factors such as effective teamwork and good communication, which contributes to a safety culture.


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