Secrets for Passing CPR/BLS Exams and Answer 2021 American Heart Association Welcome to my Youtube channel! I am a nurse educator who graduated with a Mastered in Nursing Education. This channel is all about bringing nurses and other health care professionals the latest evidence-based research and content, so if you are new here, please smash the subscribe button.

This video provides nurses with practical test questions to pass the BLS course.This video provides nurses with practice test questions to passed your BLS course. Surveying the scene for safety, Adult CPR , Pulse checks, Child CPR, Choking for Adult, & Infant CPR , Bag Mass Device (BVM,) Activate EMS , Demonstrate E-C Clamp technique ,using an Ambu-Bag Used of an AED. The course follows the latest ECC/ILCOR AHA standardized guidelines, is completely JACHO compliant and is equivalent to the provider level American Heart Association course.

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