Stay Safe at the Pool and Beach

Follow these tips to stay safe when you visit the pool or the beach.

No sound. Silent video.
Stay safe at the pool and beach.
When you visit the pool or beach remember,
Stay 6 feet away from others
6 feet
Wear a mask when not in the water
Wash your hands often
Stay safe.
Stay 6 feet away, wear a mask, wash your hands.
Do it for you.
Do it for your friends.

Stay Safe At Summer Camp

Campers, get ready to stop COVID-19 in its tracks! Here are some tips on how to stay safe at summer camp.

I Think or Know I had COVID-19, and I had Symptoms. When Can I Be With Others?

If you have or think you might have COVID-19, it is important to stay home and away from others. When you can be around others depends on different factors for different situations.

I think or know I had COVID-19
I had symptoms
When can I be with others?
You can be with others after
At least 10 days since symptoms first appeared
and . . .
You can be with others after
At least 24 hours with no fever without fever-reducing medication
and . . .
You can be with others after
Symptoms have improved
When enjoying time with others, remember to
1. Stay 6 feet away from others
2. and…
3. Wear a mask
4. and…
Wash your hands often

Shopping for Food and Other Household Essentials

Protect yourself when shopping during COVID-19.

How to Clean and Disinfect Your Home if Someone has COVID-19

Follow these tips for cleaning and disinfecting your home.

Global Health Alert: COVID-19

Global Health Alert: COVID-19. You may have been exposed to COVID-19 on your travels. Watch your health for symptoms. Even with no symptoms, you can spread the virus.

CDC COVID-19 Partner Update: New Tools for Schools

Dr. Brooks shared updates on CDC’s COVID-19 response, including where we are now with the latest scientific information. Dr. Sauber-Schatz and Dr. Szucs provided an overview of CDC’s new COVID-19 toolkits and information for schools.