It has been Educate Simplify’s pleasure to serve healthcare professionals over the past few years.

Our institution wants you to know that we truly value you choosing us as your training center.

To assist you better, please email us @ the dedicated e-mail specially created for return student follow-up : —- and we will work on it in the order we received it.

If you need to have your card or certificate replaced —

Please pay the replacement fee of $15 and specify in the comment section what you want replaced.

Your return will help us keep our operation run smoothly and has led to our continuous advocacy to patient safety through proper training and certification.

Pay for Replacement

**Please Title your Email with First & Last name and What you need help on ::

John Doe Need ACLS CEU Cert Replacement
Please be specific as possible

Hope this helps.

BVNPT Delay Notice for IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal students:

There is an average 4 to 5 month waiting period, with the possibility of a more extended delay, after  we turn in your paperwork to the BVNPT.

Currently the BVNPT has one staff member to process all of California’s LVN
IV Therapy & Blood Withdrawal paperwork.

In other words — a severe administrative staffing shortage.

There are several issues with appropriate handling of school paperwork – i.e. the one staff member for IV Therapy processing may claim not to have received your paperwork regardless of Fedex signature receipt service.

A formal written complaint  has been filed but there is no Budget Change Proposal to increase number of admin staff or response to rectify ongoing issues from the BVNPT.

To ensure receipt of your paperwork:

1.We Fedex your paperwork and have the BVNPT sign for verification.
2.  It is imperative your paperwork has the correct information — especially name and license number

If you do not have a license yet — you may take the class and email us — needhelp@educatesimplify com as soon as you have the number