Wound Care for Healthcare Providers

Benefits of Certification

☑   Increased pay

☑   Knowledge confidence

☑   Demand for wound care knowledgeable nurses is high in acute, long-term care and home health settings

☑   Hospitals require certified specialists for Magnet Status

☑   Clinical hours and experience can be applied towards becoming a CWOCN

Most WTA-C nurses in California are hired to single-handedly run treatment programs on their own or with small teams. You must be comfortable taking the lead and we will help you do so!

Skills & exercises included during the in-person class include:

  • Wound vac dressings

  • Semmes Weinstein Monofilament

  • Ankle Brachial Index

  • Multi-layer compression wraps

  • Braden score scenarios

  • Wound type identification

Note: WTA certification exams are offered separately by the Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse Certification Board (WOCNCB).

Why take the Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) course?

Becoming a Certified WTA (WTA-C) is an excellent professional stepping-stone!

Nurses who complete the WOCN Society’s Wound Treatment Associate Course© through Educate Simplify are LVNs and ADNs who want to:

  • Take the best course available of its kind developed by top internationally recognized wound care experts.

  • Earn 32.25 CEUs (ANCC)

  • Confidently operate at their full scope of practice.

  • Sit for the certification exam & earn WTA-C credentials*.

  • Be more marketable to employers.

  • Lead wound care nursing in long term care facilities.

  • Want to obtain a wound specialty certification without having to obtain a BSN first.

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Upcoming Class Schedule:

January 16, 2022

  • EARLY BIRD UNTIL January 9, 2022

January 30, 2022

  • EARLY BIRD UNTIL January 23, 2002

February 13, 2022

  • EARLY BIRD UNTIL February 6, 2022

February 27, 2022

  • EARLY BIRD UNTIL February 20, 2022


To foster a career-long passion for wound care, WOCN® Society opened the WTA program to:

  • Licensed health care providers

  • LPN’s/LVN’s

  • RNs

  • Baccalaureate or Master’s prepared RN’s who do not wish to specialize but want adequate knowledge in wound care

  • PTs and PTAs

  • Physicians and other clinicians who want adequate knowledge in wound care.

  • Military medics (active duty), certified first responders and corpsmen


Ways to fund your wound care specialization:

1. Use the ES Payment Plan

2. Employer Tuition Agreement

If your employer does not have a tuition assistance program, you may use this Tuition Assistance Agreement to negotiate reimbursement terms.

3. Tuition Tax Write-off

Conferences and continuing education events related to your practice are eligible for your Annual Lifetime Learning Credit Tax Allowance worth up to $2000.

4. Unemployment

There are many organizations or state programs that include education benefits with unemployment packages. Please contact your unemployment representative to determine your eligibility and request necessary application forms. It is highly necessary that you contact us at Educate Simplify once you have received approval notification. This is because the payment process varies from one state to another.

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WTA instructor

WTA instructor message

Educate Simplify’s WTA Difference…….

First Meeting of WTA Unofficial Wound Nurse Specialists Professional Group


Educate Simplify would like to thank our lovely healthcare professionals who participated in the 1st Meeting of WTA Unofficial Wound Nurse Specialists Professional Group, a NO COST EVENT held last May 22nd in Wilshire.



Initial Payment = $500

Credit Card Payment Plan:

$250.00 – Auto-charged every week


If you require additional help with payment plans (lower charge per week, etc),
please email us: educatesimplify@gmail.com
Title your email: “WTA Payment Plan”

Trending News | Wound Care Education Up, Pressure Injuries Down at Iredell Skilled Nursing Facility

wta program studentIredell Health System’s Skilled Nursing Facility is proactively seeking to improve its wound care and reduce its number of patient injuries, and the results are clear – in just two years, the facility has cut its facility-acquired pressure injuries (FAPIs) by more than 90 percent. The drastic decline is largely attributed to accurate assessment of wounds, diligent heel elevation, and frequent re-positioning to relieve pressure in at-risk areas.

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WTA freebies

Biography | Cat Koutroumpis, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Picture of Catherine Koutroumpis, BSN, RN, CWOCNOriginally from Pennsylvania, Catherine Koutroumpis moved to Washington DC after college graduation and experienced an amazingly diverse and high energy life in our Nation’s Capital, both personally and professionally.  A decade and a half later, she moved with her husband to Mooresville, NC to enjoy the charm and pleasantry of southern life. Catherine was fortunate to be chosen as a recipient of the US Nurse Corps Loan Repayment program, and went on to mentor new graduate nurses under this same program.  She has helped guide consistent levels of care for patients through the development and improvement of policies and procedures, always with the end users in the forefront of her thoughts.  Catherine is a Course Coordinator for the WOCN Society’s Wound Treatment Associate program, and extremely excited to bring such a worthwhile continuing education program to this side of NC state and beyond. Most recently is her return to Gardner Webb University (courtesy of the John Davis Scholarship) for an MSN in Education after plentiful positive feedback from colleagues and patients on being a “really good teacher”.

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Catherine is a Certified Wound, Ostomy, Continence Nurse Specialist with past history of unit based clinical and managerial experience; Resourceful and initiative taking with a strong sense of teamwork, intuition, and focus on a job well done who thrives in multi-cultural, diverse, and intellectually challenging environments. Personable, knowledgeable, intelligent, compliant, highly efficient.


IT’S BACK! The Wound Treatment Associate Program with WOCN® is Now Back on Educate Simplify’s Catalogue of Quality Continuing Education and Certification Courses.

Eligible for your Annual Lifetime Learning Credit Tax Allowance worth up to $2000

To breathe new life life into your knowledge of the Wound Treatment Associate program, we’ll give you here the background information that you need to know before signing up for the program. Let’s go blow away the cobwebs!

Best Wound Care Certification Course

What is the Wound Treatment Associate (WTA®) Program? It is developed by the WOCN® Society as a continuing education program to further empower the wound, ostomy and continence (WOC) specialty nurses, and improve patient outcomes by strengthening the wound care team with a flexible education program that is applicable to all health care settings. The WTA Program prepares a non-WOC certified nurse to provide optimal care for patients with acute and chronic wounds under the direction of a WOC specialty nurse, WOC advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), or physician. The WTA Program is a continuing education activity that offers 32.25 contact hours to nurses and 21.0 CCUs to physical therapists & pta’s upon completion.

Why should you choose the WTA Program? We’ll give you these reasons as provided by the WOCN® Society.

  1. The Wound Treatment Associate (WTA) Program was developed and presented by internationally-recognized leaders and educators in wound management and prevention practices.
  2. Unlike other wound education courses, the WTA Program requires comprehensive hands-on training and testing.
  3. The WTA Program is an evidence-based continuing education course that meets international standards of care and prepares participants for the WTA-C credentials.
  4. WTA certification examination is offered through the WOCNCB®, a certification body nationally recognized by the ABSNC and the NCCA.
  5. The WOCN® Society is an accredited provider of CNEs through the ANCC.

Graduates of the WTA Program are then eligible for WTA certification examination and upon passing the wound treatment associate examination, individuals will receive their WTA-C® credential. The WTA-C credential is valid for five years.

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