1). Educate Simplify is different from WEBWOC because the instructor will conduct the skills exclusively to Educate Simplify while WEBWOC requires you to find your own Skills instructor.

2.) In addition, our WTA coordinator will be doing professional growth with you and building all the participants as leaders. Why? Most Wound Nurses in California are hired to single-handedly run treatment programs on their own or with small teams WebWOC is DIY program and there is not much support.

3) Here’s the instructor’s response:

Message from our Course Coordinator, Catherine Koutroumpis, BSN, RN, CWOCN

Market competition is normal, and there are only two courses a nurse can take to then sit for the WTA-C exam.  But after the exam, will you be ready to lead the charge as a wound treatment nurse specialist?

You can rest assured with the added support I provide as Course Coordinator at Educate Simplify.

This passionate involvement is plentiful during the course, and continues afterwards as a lifelong professional relationship as students become fellow wound treatment specialist colleagues.

I give such individual attention, and I work with each student like they are my only one.  The course final exam is no joke -it’s tough!  So if an individual needs extra attention, they get it!