Nurse Travel CEU Testimonials

Nurse Travel CEU is one of our latest and most innovative nurse contrinuing education product.  It is open for RN, CNA and LVN. Here are what they want to say about this innovativ nurs product.

Chet Tumaru Go

We highly recommend this travel CEU by educate simplify .A total package of Relaxation, education, adventure, FUN, FUN FUN. It was a Great experienced! We will do it again and again !!!

Risa Valdez

We are so glad we signed up for this kind of nurs continuing education course. We earned credits, while reducing stress in a beautiful farm. We also learned a littl yoga. So cool nurs product.


ACLS Testimonials

It was such a great experience !!!! Wonderful instructors and very calm environment. Absolutely no pressure at all!!!! Learning is so fun and enjoyable. A group of nice people around that gives support to each other….Can’t wait for the next class!!!!! ECG, ACLS and soon, Wound Care Class!!!! A must attend class!!!! Thank you all for your help. It really gives me the confidence I need. Made me feel like a better person/ nurse…..

  • Pedro Colendres, LVN
  • Linh T.

El Monte, CAI took my ACLS class here, alot of students didn’t show up that day because it was raining really hard. So, ended the class were only two people, myself and other lady. The great part was I borrowed the instructor’s book, $40 bucks SAVED. AWESOME!! She also gave me a 5% discount for liking her company on facebook. So, I paid $180 for the class, compare to other places up to $190 plus $40 book. My overall experience was great. ^_^

  • BriGht B.
  • Winnetka, CA

I’m an RN and I was looking for a Basic Life Support and ACLS class around Los Angeles. I found Creative Resol-ve online and I took their BLS class. It was awesome! Very good teachers and great presentation of study materials! Now, I’m taking my IV therapy class there then I’m going to take my ACLS next month. They are very accommodating and they make sure that you understand everything discussed in the class before taking the exam…Keep up the great job!!!

  • E M
I just recently took my ACLS there and was very pleased with the teaching format. I was wondering if you had any classes coming up this month ASAP. Preferably Sundays. Does Jo McCord teach PALS? It would be nice to see a familiar face. Thank you for your time! Have a great day.

Some of them was not able to leave their names but we highly appreciate the comments they left after their ACLS Training with Creativeresol-ve

I called in the day before the class and it was very easy to sign up for the class. Educate Simplify at our Training Center.

It was succint and very friendly environment.

The approach of the instructor made it easy to understand.

The approach the instructors  too in presenting the class material; it was easy to follow.

Relaxed atmosphere and the instructors are knowledgable.

Clear and precise; excellent instruction.

Instructor was very knowledgeable!!! Very accurate and informative video too 🙂

Personal attention and very helpful.

Great instructor. Very informative and appreciated her teaching stule. Learned more than any other program.

IV Therapy and Blood Withdrawal

(Comments submitted by IV students after three-day IV training)

  • Anne Kristie, RN

“I like the one-on-one coaching. It is a fun learning experience. My fellow students are fun people to learn IV”

  • James E., Registered Nurse

“Creativeresol-ve and Olympia is awesome. Three days of learning was never toxic. It was certainly fun”

  • Manuel S., Registered Nurse

“I could have not passed without it.”

When the IV Therapy Class students were asked what they like most about the class they attended, they said:

This course covered what I needed for my job and it was very well taught and enjoyable.

It was fun.

Pictures and certificate (fun and informative).

The convenience and instructor’s professionalism and knowledge.

The instructor was very informative and was hand’s on participation.

The instructor was great. She made the material very easy to understand.

It was explicit and simple enough to understand.

The teacher was very good and attentive, made the lesson easy to understand.

CPR Testimonials

(Comments past CPR students have written in their after-class surveys)

  • Monique C.

Koreatown, Los Angeles, CATook CPR/aed class with Taezsa.  She’s a great teacher very friendly and nice. Made sure we understood the information and didn’t keep us all day. Also much less expensive than red cross!

  • Aquilina V.

Los Angeles, CA

They are very professional and do alot to give back to the community. They are very friendly and run a good training operation. I am always referring people to them for CPR First Aid Certification classes.

  • Gerald L., Registered Nurse

“Excellent class! Don’t change anything. I liked the hands-on AED learning the most.”

  • Jeff T., Chemical Dependencly Counselor

“The Teachers/Instructors were wonderful!”

  • Kevin S., Business owner

“I liked the small class size the most.”

  • Theresa F., Chemical Dependendency Counselor

“This was a good class.”

  • Mark L., Chemical Dependency Counselor

“Class was excellent.”

Continuing Education Testimonials

(Comments past NCLEX students have written in their after-review surveys)

  • Rubi B., Registered Nurse, Redlands Community Hospital

“I loved being in the small class. You get to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I understood why I chose wrong answers by learning others do the same. It was so much easier to choose right answers when I knew the wrong ones.”

  • Devona H., Registered Nurse, Department of Children’s Services, LA County

“I like the one-on-one coaching. It is intense but very helpful.”

  • Andrew E., Registered Nurse, DOU Supervisor San Gabriel Medical Center

“I was a lot of fun. It did not feel like a review. I made friends.”

  • Manuel S., Registered Nurse, Redlands Community

“I could have not passed without it.”

BLS Class Testimonials

BLS students were ask what they liked about the training they had, their answer are:

Clean and straight to the point.

Very nice instructor. It makes you feel comfortable.

Fast, fun and small class.

Clearer and simplier than OLD method (years ago). I think this more applicable and useful for us.